Postgraduate Students

Postgraduate success in Jeremiah Dalziel Prize and Simon Fennel Awards

Winners of the Jeremiah Dalziel Prize in British History and Simon Fennel Award have been announced. (Published 13 April 2016)

The School wishes to congratulate all successful candidates in the latest round of Jeremiah Dalziel Prizes and Simon Fennell Awards.

Jeremiah Dalziel Prize

Doctoral student Iida Saarinen  picked up the top award for her PhD chapter. Jeremy Piercy and Felicity Loughlin were awarded joint runner-up.

Awards were also made to MSc students Ella St George Carey and Murray McLean  for their MSc essays.

The prize is awarded annually to the most deserving students registered at the University of Edinburgh as candidates for a postgraduate degree in the field of British History.

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Simon Fennell Awards

Winner's of this year's Simon Fennell Awards include; Roseanna Doughty, Zhaodong Wang, Patrick Watt and Catherine Bateson.

These awards are thanks to the generosity of history alumnus Simon Fennell and support PhD students undertaking travel as part of their research.

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