Postgraduate Students

Doctoral students at Irish Consulate

A group of Modern Irish History doctoral students met with Irish Minister for Diaspora and International Development and the Consul General recently to discuss their research . (Published 11 Nov 2016)

Minister Joe McHugh, T.D., Sophie Cooper and Roseanna Doughty
Minister Joe McHugh, T.D., PhD students Sophie Cooper and Roseanna Doughty

On Tuesday 8 November, Professor Enda Delaney led a delegation of doctoral students from the Modern Irish History research cluster to the Irish Consulate in Scotland to meet with Irish Minister for Diaspora and International Development, Joe McHugh T.D. and Consul General Mark Hanniffy.

Catherine Bateson, Sophie Cooper, Roseanna Doughty, Bobbie Nolan, and Andrew Phemister all took the opportunity to give Minister McHugh a glimpse into their respective research on the history of the Irish diaspora during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Minister McHugh praised the excellent work showcased during this private meeting with the PhD researchers.

This meeting was followed by a public lecture by Professor Delaney on the global Irish in the past and present. The ensuing discussion was an opportunity for members of the public to present their experiences of being Irish in Scotland, and

elsewhere. This event was an important opportunity to bring the ongoing original research that is taking place in the University of Edinburgh to the attention of Irish policy makers, public servants and the wider public.