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Sex and gender identities in the first millennia: Scottish evidence and its wider context

Programme at a glance

9.00 Coffee/bookstalls

9.30 Introduction

9.40 Gender Identities: Devising a methodology: Eleanor de Spretter and Rachel Pope

10.10 Wives and warriors: archaeology and pop culture representations of ancient Scotland: Adrián Maldonado


10.40 Coffee/bookstalls


11.20 Knapton Wold burial: Catherine Jones and Emma Tollefsen

11.50 Wider connections? Women, mobility and power in Iron Age East Yorkshire: Mel Giles & Pedro Piexoto


12.40 Lunch/bookstalls


13.50 Images of Masculinity: Examining Gender Norms in Illustrations: Natalia Bain

14.05 Commemoration in early medieval Scotland: barrow and cairn monuments and their female inhabitants: Juliette Mitchell

14.20 Whose Shoes? 'Sexing' Footwear from Roman Forts: Charlotte Douglas

14.35 Displaying Gender in the Late Iron Age and Roman Period: Melanie Bruhn

15.10 Coffee/bookstalls


15.50 Warriors and Womenfolk? Gender, Burial and Power in Early Viking Age Scotland: Stephen Harrison

16.35 Humans of Prehistory: Deconstructing a gendered gaze: Ann MacSween and Emily Killgore

16.50 Discussant (TBC)/Discussion


18.00 Reception in the Macmillan Room


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Organised by: Lisa Brown, Dave Cowley, Mairi Davis, Fraser Hunter, Rebecca Jones, Rod McCullagh, Jeff Sanders


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Sex and gender identities in the first millennia: Scottish evidence and its wider context

This day seminar offers an exploration of sex and gender identities in pre - and proto-historic societies in a range of papers interspersed with discussion to inform a richer understanding of the past. (Published 3 May, 2018)

Meadows Lecture Theatre, Doorway 4, William Robertson Wing, Old Medical School, Teviot Pl