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Scotland: the timescape with Andrew Conway and Anna Groundwater

Does the barrage of facts and figures from politicians leave you frustrated and confused? Andrew Conway, author of How Scotland Works and Anna Groundwater, author of Scotland Connected: A Timeline for Scottish History in the Wider World bring clarity, common sense and future-thinking. ANDREW CONWAY started his career as an astrophysics lecturer and researcher and has a degree and PhD in astrophysics from Glasgow University which awarded him the Faraday Medal. He laso has an award for work on NASA's RHESSI mission and is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. On leaving academia, he spent time as an entrepeneur, founding two companies. As Chief Scientific Officer he touched on the world of politics, and honed his skills in explaining difficult concepts to people from all backgrounds at the Open University. This experience led to his current work on bringing clarity to essential information about our society. DR ANNA GROUNDWATER is a cultural and social historian of early modern Scotland and Britain at the University of Edinburgh. She publishes widely on Scottish and British history, Anglo-Scottish relations, and James VI and I, with several articles in History Scotland magazine. Her books include one on the Scottish Borders at the Union of the Crowns, another on Ben Johnson's walk to Scotland in 1618, and most recently contributing to one on Mary Queen of Scots. She consults for historical television and radio programmes, and has appeared on Scotland's Clans and In Our Time.

Aug 24 2018 -

Scotland: the timescape with Andrew Conway and Anna Groundwater

Join Dr Anna Groundwater and Andrew Conway at ScotlandsFest 2018. (Published 9 August, 2018)

Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Street, Edinburgh EH1 2JL