Graduate School

Jeremiah Dalziel Prize (PhD)

Applications are invited for these prizes which are awarded annually to the most meritorious student(s) registered at this University as a candidate for a postgraduate degree in the field of British History.

This information is for applications by on-programme PhD students only. If you are a MSc student, you can apply for the Jeramiah Dalziel (Masters) Prize using the link below.

About the Prize 

  • Applications are invited for this prize which is awarded annually to the most meritorious student(s) registered at this University as a candidate for a postgraduate degree in the field of British History (in its widest sense and including the activities of the British overseas). This is judged on the basis of the submitted work and the supervisor’s supporting statement.
  • For PhD students, we expect that the prize-winning chapter could be published in a peer-reviewed journal.
  • The committee reserve the right to make no awards if applications are not of a suitable standard
  • The prize will be paid in a single lump sum.
  • The School will usually advertise the winners’ names. Winners who wish their name to be withheld must notify the Graduate School office in writing at the time of submission.

PhD Students - Eligibility and Application Process

  • The value of the prize may vary each year: for 2021/22, the overall value is £7,000. The prize may be awarded to an individual or divided between multiple awardees.  The Committee reserve the right not to make any awards in the event that no applicants is deemed to merit the prize
  • Open to all on-programme PhD students in a relevant field who are able to submit a complete chapter of their thesis for consideration (this will not normally exceed 12,000 words).
  • Students will normally submit an entry in their second or third year (full time) or in years three to six (part time).  
  • This prize may be held along with other awards and scholarships.
  • Students who have submitted or been awarded their PhD are not eligible.     
  • Students who have previously submitted a successful application are not eligible to apply in another year.     
  • Applicants must submit their completed application and draft chapter to their supervisor by email for them to add a supporting statement and send onto - we strongly recommend that applicants copy in the Graduate School when sending the application form to their supervisor.
  • In their supporting statement, the supervisor will focus on appraising the applicant’s work, rather than financial need.
  • The deadline for receipt of applications is 12pm noon, Tuesday 3rd August 2021. Applicants must submit their application to their supervisor in good time for them to provide the supporting statement and submit to the Graduate School.
  • Applicants are responsible for liaising with supervisors to ensure that their application is received in the Graduate School on time.