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Name (sorted in ascending order) Thesis title Email
Courtney Astrom Comparative Projectile Trauma: An Examination of the Differences in Skeletal Trauma Inflicted by Multiple Classifications of Projectile Weapons
Claire E. Aubin From Treblinka to Trenton: Holocaust Perpetrators as Immigrants to the United States
Andy Barlow Cotton Town Blues - investigating inequality through stable isotope analysis, in a 19th century cemetary population of Blackburn, Lancashire
Beatrice Bersani The Colours of God. Polychromatic Imagery for the Divine in Late Antique Latin Poetry
Krysten Blackstone The Hardest Conflict: Morale and Identity in the Continental Army during the American Revolution, 1775-1783
Angela Boyle Violence and conflict in south-east Scotland from c AD 400 to AD 850: a biocultural study.
Craig J. Brown
Katherine Burns “Keep this Unwritten History”: Mapping African American Family Histories in “Information Wanted” Advertisements, 1880-1902
Carlos Cáceres-Puerto A provincial capital in its territorial contexts: reassessing the development of Augusta Emerita (1st century BC - 3rd century AD)
Arran Claringbold Diversity during Zimbabwe's Independence Struggle: Abel Muzorewa's place in Zimbabwean nationalism
Alison Clark Expanding the Boundaries of Empire, 1790-1815: Scottish Traders in the Southeast Caribbean and the rise of Sandbach Tinne & Co.
Amy M. Cools The Life and Work of James McCune Smith (1813-1865)
Phoebe Cooper
Sophie Cooper
Gulcin Coskun
Monique De Pace An investigation of health and disease in Mesambria, Bulgaria through physiological stress markers and dietary reconstruction
Guillermo Diaz de Liano del Valle The Study of personhood through the analysis of funerary evidence: the Southeastern Iberian Peninsula during the Chalcolithic and Bronze Ag
Emma Forth The Development of Early Cinema in the United Kingdom, 1909-1918: A Four Nations Study
Laura-Kate Girdwood A comparative analysis of the evolution of stable isotope dietary data and oral health pathologies through the historic period in two contrasting populations: Scotland and Ibiza, Spain.
Devin Grier Becoming Argonauts: Scots in the California Gold Rush, 1848-1860
Roxanne Guildford
Kevin Hall Vagrancy, Crime, and Poverty in Canongate & Edinburgh, 1560 – 1640
Mike Hally
Daniel Heathcote Another World? East Africa and the Global 1960s
Lauren Ide (Cassidy) Toil and Trade: Functional Bone Adaptation and Social Allocations of Labour in Urban Medieval Scotland
Iker Itoiz Ciaurriz The Political Commitment of Eric Hobsbawm: the passion for communist politics in a transformed world (1978-2012)
Alley Marie Jordan 'The most Roman of the Romanists': Thomas Jefferson's Classical Taste, 1768-1826
Delila Jordan
Alastair Learmont
Helen Lowe The development of technical and vocational education in Scottish secondary schooling (c.1976-1990)
Stefano Nicastro
Alicia Núñez-García Connecting Worlds: Early Phoenician Presence Across Atlantic Iberia (8th-6th Centuries BC)
Andrzej Romaniuk Rethinking established methodology in micromammal taphonomy: Archaeological case studies from Orkney, UK (4rd millennium BC – 15th century AD)
Rory Scothorne
Ines Silva
Katharine Steinke Bones of Transition: Iron Age-Roman Zooarchaeological Assemblages from East Wear Cliff, Kent
Sarah Thomson ‘A Transformational Conservative? Constructing Ronald Reagan’s Political Legacy, 1984-93’

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