Information for current postgraduates

Guidance on submitting an expenses claim

Information about submitting an expenses claim.

You must apply for and be awarded funding prior to making an expenses claim.

When claiming funding you must complete an expenses claim form.

All expense claims from should be submitted within 6 weeks of expenditure. A signed claim form should be accompanied by original itemised receipt/s, a credit card slip on its own is not sufficient.

Claims receipts should be handed into the Finance team Office 1M.30 or into Pigeon Hole 188 in McMillan Room.

Any queries regarding any claims should be emailed to with fund name in the subject header.

Filling in the form

Personal details Please complete this section in full. If you have received money before please ensure you use the same account details for every claim as changing details can cause considerable delay in payment. The address given should be your current home address.
Expense Details You do NOT need to complete this section
Coding Details You do NOT need to complete this section
Declaration Please complete all parts (claim details, date, purpose, signature and date) except the Authorised signature and Position which will be obtained after you have submitted the form to the Graduate Office.
Advances Refund You do NOT need to complete this section
Analysis of Expenditure

Please clearly complete with details of all expenses claimed. This will usually be one line per receipt.


If for instance you are claiming several books all purchased at the same time please enter:

“Books from Blackwells 1 July 2015 = £50”


However if you are claiming identical travel tickets please include all original tickets with the claim and add the details as:

“10 Edinburgh Bus Tickets @ £1.50 = £15”


If you are claiming for only part of a whole receipt please note this either on the receipt, in the Analysis of Expenditure or as part of a covering letter.