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Baldwin Brown Travelling Scholarship for Classical Archaeology

Information on the application process for Baldwin Brown Travelling Scholarship for Classical Archaeology.

The Baldwin Brown scholarship is intended to support students wishing to travel to explore Classical archaeological remains, to attend fieldwork projects or to visit museums containing Classical artefacts in Europe, North Africa or the Middle East. It is not primarily designed to support postgraduate research but can, in some circumstances, be used for this purpose. 

There are two deadlines for Baldwin Brown applications annually. The next deadline is the 30th November and the one after that is the 1st March. Applicants should complete the attached form and also enclose a letter (maximum two pages) setting out what they want to do and the likely costs involved. Successful applicants should write a report on how they used the scholarship soon after returning from their trip. Applicants can apply just once per year and for a maximum of £750. Retrospective applications will no longer be accepted.

Please e-mail all applications to Dr Ben Russell (, who is also happy to answer questions about the scholarships.


HCA Gerard Baldwin Brown

Gerard Baldwin Brown 

Gerard Baldwin Brown was Watson-Gordon Professor of Fine Art at the University from 1880 to 1930. The focus of the Chair was 'the promotion and advancement of the fine arts, and prosecution of the studies of painting, sculpture and Architecture, and other branches therewith connected, in Scotland.' Fine art as a subject for academic study was in its infancy, and Baldwin Brown espoused the cause, just as he supported the cause of university education for women; he lectured extensively to the Edinburgh Association for the University Education of Women. He bequeathed ca 1,000 books, mainly published in the C19 and early C20, from his own library on fine art and archaeology. They were divided among the General Library and the class libraries for Fine Art and Archaeology; all are listed in the pre-1985 guard-book catalogue where their provenance is noted. An author catalogue of the collection is available for reference in the Main Library Special Collections Department.