Information for current postgraduates


The University is home to an advanced careers service which aims to make a meaningful contribution to the experience of every student. Students from the School of History, Classics and Archaeology have gone on to pursue a wide-ranging variety of careers.

Career Guidance

Craig Phillips is the Careers Consultant for the School of History, Classics and Archaeology. If you have questions about anything career related, feel free to get in touch by email ( or by making a one-to-one appointment via MyCareerHub. You can also visit our Careers Information Centres for help finding careers resources and researching different career opportunities.  

Whether you're studying for your Masters or PhD, whether you're planning a career in academia or outwith - whatever your hopes for the future, your Careers Service is here to support you.  Maybe you know exactly what you want to do, maybe you haven't got a clue, or maybe you're somewhere in between?   Visit the Careers Service (Third floor, Main Library Building) to explore the resources and services we have on offer, and meet our friendly staff.  The information for postgraduate students on our website is an excellent resource also.

Research masters students

Visit this section to explore options after your Masters, making career decisions, moving on to a PhD, how to find a job and market yourself effectively.

Visit Research masters student section of the Careers website.

Go straight to:

Finding funding

Whether it's further study for a Masters or PhD 'How can I find funding?' is one of the most common questions students ask.  Visit the Further Study section of the Careers Service website for advice and suggestions of where to look:

Did you know the Careers Service has the following resources available for reference? 

'The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding' - written by students who have successfully won funding awards, to help you apply to charities and trusts making grants to students.  It takes you through the whole process from identifying charities, to making a strong application.    

'Grants for History.  A guide to funding' - a book for those seeking funding for postgraduate research. It lists scholarships, fellowships and prizes, plus sources of grants for maintenance, travel, study leave, conferences and costs of publication.  It also offers advice on submitting applications. 

We also have 'The Directory of Grant-Making Trusts', 'The Grants Register' and a variety of other reference books available in the Careers Service.  See above link for full listing. 

Working abroad/Returning home

If you're a UK/EU student exploring working outside the UK, or an international student returning home - or looking for work in the UK - here are some additional materials you will find useful.

The Vitae website includes information on working overseas as a researcher, and exploring short-term visits: 

The 'Working outside the UK' section of the Careers Service website help you explore ways you can work internationally, provides country by country information, and access to Going Global, a specialised database containing career and employment information for over 25 countries (including CV/resume advice):

If you are an international student returning home, or looking for work in the UK, also visit the following pages of the Careers Service website:

Call into the Careers Service information centre to browse our international section with country specific books and folders, and discuss your strategy for finding work with a member of the team.