Information for current postgraduates

Thesis submission

The process of submitting your thesis.

This guidance is intended for PhD research students who are coming to the end of their research and are ready to be examined. It outlines the main stages of the process and the administrative steps that you need to take: these are described in chronological order.

This guidance should be read in conjunction with HCA's PhD student handbook and the following documents:

We wish you all the best for your upcoming submission. If you have any concerns about the examination process, it is always best to contact your supervisor in the first instance, and your PhD Programme Director, the Graduate School Directors and the Graduate School Office are also happy to help if you need any information not covered in your programme handbook.

Preparing for Submission

You should start planning to submit your thesis at least three months before you intend to do so. At this point you should discuss all aspects of the examination process with your supervisors, especially the appointment of examiners.

You must submit your thesis to the College Postgraduate Office on or before the date that your maximum period of study expires.  This is the 'Estimated Maximum End Date of Programme' as shown on MyEd.

At least two months in advance of submission you must submit the Notice of Intention to Submit (NITS) form and abstract, which is done electronically via Sharepoint. Please refer to the CAHSS Notice of Intention to Submit webpage for information on how to do this. This allows examiners to be appointed. 

The thesis is normally assessed by two examiners: one internal and one external. Your internal examiner will be an academic member of staff of the University of Edinburgh. He or she will normally (but not always) be in the same subject area as you but will have played no part in your supervision. Your external examiner will be an academic from outwith the University of Edinburgh with specialist expertise in your field. You are encouraged to discuss possible examiners with your supervisors.

It is for your principal supervisor to complete a Nomination of Examiners form. Your supervisor will discuss with you the names of any possible examiners and you must inform them if any problems are likely to arise if particular examiners are appointed. Any comments you make will be taken into account but you cannot determine the eventual recommendation.

In formal terms, the nomination is made by the Director of the Graduate School, who signs the form and sends it to the College Postgraduate Studies Committee for approval. 


Please refer to the CAHSS Thesis Submission For Examination webpage for information on how to submit your thesis. 

If you are required to submit a corrected version of your thesis following examination, you will again submit the corrected version through Sharepoint, and guidance is available in the CAHSS Corrections and Resubmissions webpage