Information for current postgraduates

Archaeology Research Support Fund

The School has limited funds available to help with the research expenses of Archaeology postgraduate students.

This fund will support archaeology based research for Archaeology MSc, MScR and PhD students laboratory research. In order to apply to the fund, you should complete an application form and then send it to your supervisor. Supervisors should add a supporting statement and then submit the form to, with the subject "Archaeology Research Support Fund". Funds are limited and the deadline is listed in the Awards procedure below.


  • It is important to note, Graduate School funding ties in with the University of Edinburgh’s financial year (1st August 2021 - 31st July 2022).  As such, should you successfully apply for research funding which is due to take place after 1st August, it will be accounted for as part of the corresponding academic year September 2022 – July 2023. To avoid student hardship, we will reimburse students as soon as possible following notification of award.  This may mean you receive your funds well in advance of the event, but it will be accounted for within the financial year the event actually takes place. Please bear this in mind when applying for funds later in the academic year.
  • This fund is open only to Archaeology postgraduate (MSc, MScR, PhD) students who are within the maximum period of study. 
  • Applications by PhD students who have submitted their thesis for examination will not be considered.
  • Before submitting an application to this fund, you should ensure that you have explored other funding options both within and outwith the School and the University. 
  • The fund does not offer travel cost reimbursement. Archaeology students should submit any applications to support travel in connection with the fieldwork/research to the Abercromby Fund.
  • The maximum amount which can be applied for in any one financial year is normally £500.
  • Applicants must adhere to the Student Expenditure Guidelines.
  • If successful in your application, you may be asked to write a brief report on how the research carried out contributed to your dissertation or thesis.

Application Procedures

  • In the first instance, students should complete the Archaeology Research Support Fund application form (below).
  • The application form must include a strong statement of support from the primary supervisor, who must email the completed form to from their staff email account.
  • Where other funding has been applied for, applicants must provide evidence prior to making a claim to show whether this was successful to avoid 'double-funding'. 

Awards Procedure

  • The application deadline for receiving the form is Friday 18 March 2022, 12 noon.
  • Applications received prior to the deadline will be consider at a funding panel meeting (due to take place at the end of March) and applicants will be notified after minutes have been approved by the chair. 
  • As funds are limited, there is no automatic entitlement to funding and a full case for support must be submitted for consideration. If there are more applications than monies available in each round, then priority will be given to students who have the strongest case for support.
  • You will be notified of the outcome of your application by email, and be invited then to submit an expenses claim form and original receipts for reimbursement up to the value of the award made to you.

Procedure for claiming awards

  • Successful applicants will be contacted by HCA Finance, who, in liaison with the School's Lab Technician, will discuss purchasing options as per the University's procurement policy.
  • Any queries regarding any claims should be emailed to with fund name in the subject header.