Information for current postgraduates

Student representatives

There is an extensive system of student representation in place to ensure students get to have their say at programme, School and University level.

Student representatives will be appointed for each subject area, year, or degree and their discussions with the Graduate School Office holders will be minuted and available for consultation.

Staff members at the University of Edinburgh work closely with these student representatives. Edinburgh University Students' Association (EUSA) coordinates student representation and provides training and support for student representatives across the University. Student representatives (‘Reps’) listen to you to identify areas for improvement, suggest solutions, and ensure that your views inform strategic decisions within the University, building a stronger academic community and improving your student life. All Schools are expected to facilitate communication between student representatives and the students they represent. Schools should either share with student representatives the University student email address of the students they represent (following the guidelines in the Guidance) or facilitate alternative ways for representatives to contact all classmates e.g. via m-list.