We offer a full range of degree programmes, in four main areas of classical study: Greek Language and Literature; Latin Language and Literature; Ancient History; and Classical Art and Archaeology.

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Students can combine these areas of study in many different ways, so that they can, if they wish, concentrate on one of them as the focus of their degree, or include elements of two or more as part of a joint programme or of a more general Classical degree curriculum. Our most popular programmes are the MA in Classics, the MA in Classical Studies, and the MA in Ancient History.

Whatever your chosen programme, the first two years of your degree provides you with flexibility to study subjects outside of Classics, should you wish. Greek and Latin language and texts are taught at all levels, and are available both for those who have studied the languages to Higher or A-Level or equivalent and for those who have no previous experience of them.

Alternatively it is possible to study Classical Literature, Ancient History, and/or Classical Art and Archaeology without taking a language at all.

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Undergraduate programmes in Classics

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Angus Carey-Douglas talks about his experience of studying at Edinburgh and why he chose to study classics here.

Angus Carey-Douglas

Angus Carey-Douglas

Angus Carey-Douglas is a 4th year student in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology studying MA Classics.

"I was drawn to Edinburgh because classics has always been my passion, and the language orientated course at Edinburgh very much appealed to me. The opportunity to study for four years and to have a year abroad was one which was too tempting to miss!"


Watch our video to find out why our students love studying Classics here at Edinburgh.

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