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Meet Betsy and Caroline to find out what they enjoy about studying Classics here at the University of Edinburgh.

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HCA Kate Hargreaves

Kate Hargreaves

Hailing from Burnley in Lancashire, Kate is a Classical Studies student who enjoys Sunday roasts - with Yorkshire puddings - and cups of tea. "Take every opportunity that is handed to you because you’re never going to get this experience ever again."

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HCA Tom Chambers

Tom Chambers

A love of all things ancient brought Tom to Edinburgh to study Classics. For him hummus and pizza are life and he works off the calories wandering around the city. "Beginner’s Mandarin? Go on then!"

What gets Tom excited about studying here?

HCA Constance Champagne

Constance Champagne

A coffee-dependent Ancient History student and a part-time sleep enthusiast from Houston, Texas who loves good BBQ, Ken Follett books and 80's-inspired music. "Making friends came naturally because everyone else was in the same boat regardless of where they came from."

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