Members of the Sidonius Apollinaris network are preparing a series of commentaries on Sidonius' work and an interdisciplinary volume of Prolegomena.


The Network will publish five major commentaries on Sidonius' works :

  • Panegyric of Majorian (Carmina 3-5) by Tiziana Brolli (2015/2016)
  • Panegyric of Avitus (Carmina 6-7) by Luciana Furbetta (2015/2016)
  • Letters Book 7 (12-18) by Joop van Waarden (2015)
  • Letters Book 9 by Silvia Condorelli (2017)
  • Letters Book 2 by Judith Hindermann (2017)

Each commentary will be preceded by a volume introduction, with a text and apparatus with parallel English translation.


The commentaries will be accompanied by a substantial interdisciplinary volume of Prolegomena (2016), edited by Gavin Kelly and Joop van Waarden. It will include contributions from within and beyond the Network and feature sections on:

  • manuscript tradition and history of scholarship
  • chronology and prosopography
  • political, social, and religious context
  • the oeuvre and its generic context
  • language and style
  • reception

The Prolegomena will provide a key starting point not only for work on Sidonius but for studies of literature and society in the fifth-century west in general.

Network Collaboration

Volume authors will be able to rely on the Network's expertise in specialist areas (textual transmission, linguistics, narratology, metre, prose rhythm, history of scholarship) and to cross-refer to colleagues' views, both in other commentaries, and in the Prolegomena. As well as making individual poems or books of letters accessible, the commentaries will thus also be part of a shared project of making the complete works collectively comprehensible. After three years, once existing commentaries are taken into account, over half of Sidonius' works will have a modern commentary.