Cambridge History of Later Latin Literature: Workshop 2

Programme at a glance

9.30-10.00 Coffee and welcome


10.00-10.15 Workshop introduction Gavin Kelly and Aaron Pelttari

10.15-11.45 Session 1 Generic Change and Continuity (Chair: tbc)

  • Peter Van Nuffelen (Ghent) ‘Historiography'
  • Richard Burgess (Ottawa) ‘Chronicles’

12.00-12.45, Session 2 Social and Linguistic Contexts (Chair: tbc)

  • Bruno Rochette (Liège) ‘Greek and Latin in the Roman world’


12.45-13.45 Lunch (McMillan Room)


13.45-15.15, Session 3 Generic Change and Continuity / Models (Chair: Calum Maciver)

  • Roger Rees (St Andrews) ‘Panegyric’
  • Scott McGill (Rice) ‘Vergil in late antiquity’

15.30–16.45, Session 4 The Empire after Constantine (Chair: tbc).

  • John Weisweiler (Maryland) ‘Literature and government in the post-Constantinian empire.’

16.30–17.15 Session 5 Generic Change and Continuity.

  • Lucy Grig (Edinburgh) ‘Fiction’

17.15-18.00 Session 6 ‘Cambridge Dictionary of Later Latin Literature’

18.00 Reception (McMillan Room)


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Feb 23 2018 -

Cambridge History of Later Latin Literature: Workshop 2

A workshop will be held as part of the Cambridge History of Later Latin Literature project on 8 December. (Published 31 October, 2017)

Seminar room 1, Chrystal Macmillan Building, University of Edinburgh