School Impact Champions announced

The School of History, Classics and Archaeology is delighted to announce that two members of staff have been made Impact Champions as part of a new pilot scheme. (Published 12 September 2014)

Dr Chris Harding (History) and Dr Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones (Classics) have both been recognised as members of staff whose research has the potential to deliver significant impact over the coming academic year.

Dr Harding's research

Dr Harding's current research is concerned with the relationships that have developed between religion and the psy disciplines - psychiatry and psychotherapy in particular - since the late nineteenth century in India, Japan, and the West.

Dr Llewellyn-Jones's research

Dr Llewellyn-Jones's research, which includes the current project Dress and the Body in Ancient Iran 559-331 BCE, aims to open up an east west dialogue and to expose Iran’s culture and history to a UK and global audience.

Impact and knowledge exchange

In its broadest sense, impact and knowledge exchange is about engaging with a wide variety of external audiences for greater social and cultural benefit.

This scheme involves formal support of activities undertaken by the designated ‘Impact Champions’ by providing relief from some teaching and/or administrative commitments.

Further information

For more information on the Impact Champions scheme, please contact Deputy Director of Research (Impact), Dr Wendy Ugolini.

Dr Wendy Ugolini

Deputy Director of Research (Impact)

  • School of History, Classics and Archaeology
  • University of Edinburgh

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