Classicists’ Undergraduate Awards successes!

Classics is celebrating the success of two outstanding students in the global Undergraduate Awards competition. (Published 7 October 2013)

Recent Ancient and Medieval History graduate, Florence (Flo) Lindeman was the international winner in the Classical Studies & Archaeology category, with her paper, ‘If Pharaoh was divine, did his wife share in his divinity? Assess the evidence from the Egyptian New Kingdom’.

Fourth year student Joseph (Joe) Thompson, who is studying Ancient Mediterranean Civilisations, was highly-commended in the same category.

Two other students from our School - Sally Abernethy and Aviel Dodge-Cogan - were highly-commended in the Historical Studies section.

International excellence

Thousands of students from 184 institutions across 26 countries took part in the competition. Organisers say:

“Becoming a winner, or even highly commended, means you are in the top of your field. The Undergraduate Awards identifies and recognises the most creative and nuanced arguments and ideas coming out at undergraduate level internationally.

“Recipients of the Undergraduate Awards are members of an eclectic mix of some of the world’s most creative thinkers and problem solvers”.

Travel plans

As a winner, Flo receives an expenses-paid trip to attend the UA 2013 Global Summit in Dublin, Ireland, 13-15 November 2013.

Currently working to fund further travel, while volunteering at the National Trust for Scotland, Flo plans to go to Cambodia in November, followed by Italy and Greece in the spring.

Business brain

Joe is a member of the Board of Directors for SHRUB, a not-for-profit student-led business that has developed out of the University’s annual Freshers’ Freeshop.

Since joining the co-operative in March, Joe has formulated SHRUB’s pricing policy, had a hand in implementing its business plan and been involved in volunteer and outreach coordination, website development, stock organisation, running the shop and general administration, not to mention painting and decorating!