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Classics at Edinburgh is committed to outreach in the local community and further afield.

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As academics with the chance to study and teach Classics for a living, we are keen to engage with the local community of learners and to enthuse others about the subject we are passionate about. At the moment, we are in the process of building up a number of outreach activities and projects, and this page includes details of the some of the project and events in which we are and have been involved.

Outreach events, activities, and outputs

University of Edinburgh staff are regularly involved in a number of local outreach activities, in addition to their contributions in various media and publications aimed at a broader audience. Here is a selection since spring 2019 (with specific individuals named where appropriate):

  • David Lewis gave a talk on 'The Cretan way of war' for the Scottish Hellenic Society of Glasgow (8 November 2022).

  • David Lewis gave a talk on 'The ancient Greek slave trade and the invention of the barbarian’ for Elliott Hudson College in Leeds (1 July 2022). 

  • David Lewis organised a 'Greek Day' (23 April 2022), a public event with talks by Foteini Spingou (Edinburgh), Roel Konijnendijk (Edinburgh), Foteini Dimirouli (Oxford), and Edith Hall (Durham).

  • Mirko Canevaro and Lilah Grace Canevaro launched the Network for Working-Class Classicists at an online event (December 2021). See the following website for full information on the network:

  • Lilah Grace Canevaro gave a talk on women in Homer to the Classics Society at Latymer Upper School, London, to which local state schools were also invited (November 2021).

  • Lilah Grace Canevaro gave a talk about Classics for the ‘Destinations Day’ at Elliott Hudson College, Leeds (November 2021).

  • Mirko Canevaro spoke to the students at the Haberdasher's Foundation's sixth-form history society about 'Slavery in Ancient Athens' (11 October 2021).

  • David Lewis gave a lecture on 'Work and democracy in Classical Athens' to the Academus Summer School (6 August 2021).

  • Edinburgh staff and students (Alex Imrie, Beneditk Eckhardt, Juan Lewis, Calum Maciver, Manos Tsakiris, and Laura Donati) contributed to the CAS Ancient Languages Summer School, which was attended by almost 100 students from across the globe (July 2021).

  • Lilah Grace Canevaro and Mirko Canevaro founded Working-Class Classics, for which workshops were held on 22 April and 17 June 2021.

  • Mirko Canevaro gave a talk for the Hellenic Community of Edinburgh with the title 'Democracy, consensus, and the wisdom of the masses in ancient Athens and today' (3 June 2021).

  • David Lewis gave a talk for the virtual BSA Scotland Seminar, co-hosted by the British School at Athens and the University of Edinburgh, entitled 'A lost cargo of slaves from the fourth century BC' (5 May 2021).

  • David Lewis gave an online talk in the 'Sparta - Live!' series co-hosted by the Nottingham Centre for Spartan and Peloponnesian Studies and the Mayor of Sparti, Greece, entitled 'Adapting slavery to Spartan society' (18 March 2021).

  • Benedikt Eckhardt gave a lecture for school teachers on Jewish History in the Roman Empire (21 January 2021), as part of a programme entitled '1700 Jahre Quellen aus der deutsch-jüdischen Geschichte'.

  • Jenny Shearer (fourth-year MA in Classical Studies) led an outreach session on Hellenistic coinage via Zoom; attendees included a number of Edinburgh students, access students from the University of Glasgow, A-level pupils from across England, and others from France, Ireland, China, and the USA (16/1/2021).

  • Kimberley Czajkowski spoke to the Anglo Israel Archaeological Society on ‘Re-approaching the Babatha Archive’ (18 November 2020).

  • Andrew Dufton and Theodora Hadjimichael provided talks on Roman archaeology and Greek literature to the Sutton Trust, a charity that works with secondary school pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds (14–16 July 2020).

  • Ben Russell spoke to students at the Royal High School in Edinburgh on the topic of  Roman archaeology (17 February 2020).

  • Benedikt Eckhardt organised an evening of public presentations by students reflecting on their trip to Macedonia (21 January 2020).

  • Ulrike Roth  was a session leader for a panel with US middle and high school teachers to discuss classroom and curriculum strategies for the teaching of slavery, held at the Gilder Lehrman Center at Yale University on 2 November 2019 (in conjunction with the annual GLC conference:

  • Miranda Anderson: Where is your mind?  on 12 August 2019, as part of the RSE Summer program.

  • Miranda Anderson: Has your phone replaced your brain? on 8 August 2019, as part of the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas.
  • The Classical Association of Scotland Summer School (July 2019).
  • Lilah Grace Canevaro organised in the department a day of lectures and meetings for local Classics teachers (31 May 2019).
  • Foteini Spingou organised a team of Classicsts to run in the Edinburgh Marathon festival in support of the UG Classics Society and Literacy through Latin (26 May 2019).
  • Benedikt Eckhardt: lecture at George Heriot’s School on ‘What can the Greeks teach us?’ (23 March 2019).
  • Foteini Spingou organised an event on Gaming Classics (Assassin's Creed Odyssey) as part of the University of Edinburgh's Festival of Creative Learning (19 February 2019).
  • Fabio Guidetti: Long-term involvement with CELA – Connecting Emerging Literary Artists, as a writer of popular history, and author of L’Impero romano in 100 date.

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Our current Outreach officers is Lilah Grace Canevaro.

Questions about this outreach webpage can be directed to Aaron Pelttari.