Edinburgh Centre for Global History

Slavery Lecture

A lecture series on 'World Slavery from Antiquity to the Present' was established in the Scottish Centre for Diaspora Studies in 2012.

The 2020 Lecture in the History of Slavery, which was to be delivered by Professor Ana-Lucia Araujo (Howard University), has been postponed.  We hope to be able to bring Professor Araujo to Edinburgh in April 2021.  Watch this space for further details.   

Previous lectures in this distinguished series have been delivered by:

Professor David Richardson (Hull)

Professor John Cairns (Edinburgh)

Professor Walter Scheidel (Stanford)

Professor Sir Hilary Beckles (UWI)

Professor Philip Morgan (Johns Hopkins University)

Professor Vincent Brown (Harvard)

Professor Annette Gordon-Reed (Harvard)

Professor Jennifer Morgan (New York)