Edinburgh Centre for Global History

Research Hubs

The Edinburgh Centre for Global History is organised around three research hubs that reflect and shape our core interests.

Migration, Slavery & Diaspora Studies

The Migration, Slavery & Diaspora Studies hub provides a supportive environment for research and teaching about issues surrounding slavery, migration and diasporas, subjects of great current political, economic, social, and cultural interest both within and beyond the academy.

Material Culture Studies

The Material Culture Studies hub promotes scholarship that considers the production, consumption and trade of goods, while paying attention to how these processes might have engendered connections and/or disconnections in the past.

Global Histories of Ideas

This research hub promotes scholarship which explores the global history of ideas.

Economic and Social History

The Economic and Social History hub promotes interdisciplinary research (working in dialogue with other social sciences); comparative and transnational approaches; and innovative methodologies (quantitative and qualitative, including digital humanities).