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Scottish Settlement in North Carolina

This project is in partnership with the Historical Publications Section of the North Carolina Office of Archives and History) for publication in the Colonial Records of North Carolina (second series) of editions of primary sources.

This project arises from the work of the Scottish Records Program of the North Carolina Colonial Records project, funded by the U.S. National Endowment for the Humanities and the State of North Carolina from 1985-1993, which resulted in identification of primary sources from Scottish archives that have been placed on deposit in the British Records Collection in the North Carolina State Archives in Raleigh North Carolina. An edition of texts from both the British Records Collection and the collections of the North Carolina State Archives relating to Scottish settlement in North Carolina is projected which will include wills and testaments, migrant letters, land grants, business records, church records and the records of the colonial and state legislatures of North Carolina.

Recent volumes in the series include Alan Watson, African Americans in Early North Carolina, and a volume on Native Americans in Early North Carolina is due for publication shortly. An important aim of the volume on Scottish settlement will be an emphasis on the importance of bringing together documentary sources from Scotland, North Carolina and beyond (eg Ireland and Jamaica) to illustrate the place of migration to mainland North America in the eighteenth century as part of the Atlantic economy that proved to be such an essential dynamic in the development of North Carolina, the U.S., Scotland and the U.K. Titles published by North Carolina Historical Publications will be made available in an ebook format shortly, and it is planned that the Scottish Settlement volume in the Colonial Records series will be published initially as an ebook.


Dr Alex Murdoch

Project leader

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