Edinburgh Centre for Global History


The Centre supports a wide range of current and past projects.

Another World? East Africa and the global 1960s

This project seeks to understand and explain how East Africa’s global connections systematically broke down after independence, opening up a set of new and unpredictable paths forward.


This project seeks to examine in tandem, with equal focus on structural parallels and divergences, the conscious revival and subsequent dialectics of classicising learning in middle and later Byzantium (c.800–1350) and Tang/Song China (618–1279).

The Matter of Slavery in Scotland

This collaborative research project in partnership with the National Museums of Scotland explored the history and legacy of Scotland's connections with the transatlantic slave trade through objects in public collections.

Freedom to Believe: A theatre in education project exploring Caribbean social and religious history

Professor Diana Paton is working with Talawa Theatre Company, the National Archives, and other partners to make her research on African-Caribbean diasporic religion and its suppression accessible to secondary school children.

Mapping Memories of Slavery: Commemoration, Community and Identity in Contemporary France

This project examines how activist groups and cultural institutions located in France and its overseas departments are engaging with the history and memory of the transoceanic slave trades.

Slavery and the Scottish Country House

This project used the economic and social worlds of Scottish country houses to highlight connections between Scottish participation in the Atlantic trading system (with its reliance on enslaved African workers) and the Scots at home.

Scottish Settlement in North Carolina

This project is in partnership with the Historical Publications Section of the North Carolina Office of Archives and History) for publication in the Colonial Records of North Carolina (second series) of editions of primary sources.

Scottish Diasporic Military Identities, c.1880- present day

The Scottish Centre for Diaspora Studies at the University of Edinburgh and National Museums Scotland worked together on a collaborative research project, led by Dr Wendy Ugolini (University of Edinburgh) and David Forsyth (National Museums Scotland).

Managing History: Museums, Sites of Memory and the Scottish Diaspora

This project examined how Scotland’s museums and visitor centres engage with the Scottish diaspora, and how museums serve as spaces of identity building and memory for members of Scotland’s global community.

Making Ireland Modern

This project explored the Irish encounter with the modern world between 1750 and the 1960s, encompassing both people living in Ireland after and Irish born and Irish descent populations settled overseas.

Recovering Scotland’s Slavery Past: The Caribbean Connection

This project examined connections between Scotland and Atlantic slavery including the modern remembrance of this critical aspect of Scotland’s history.

'The Land of Tomorrow': The Ex-Service Free Passage Migration Scheme 1945-1960

This project examined the British government’s free passage scheme for ex-service men and women who wished to migrate to the British dominions and empire after the Second World War. It ran 2012-2013 and was funded by the Scottish Government.

Italians in Scotland during World War II

Since 1861, over twenty-five million Italians have emigrated from Italy, with their descendants around the world numbering around sixty million.