Edinburgh Centre for Global History

Graduate Workshops

Our Graduate Workshops take place throughout the academic year and are open to all.

Each workshop typically lasts an hour, comprised of a thirty-minute presentation followed by a question and answer session. The registration process for these seminars will be finalised shortly, please check back for information.

Seminar description

The Graduate Workshops take place online on Wednesdays at 4pm, and will be chaired by Dilan Tulsiani (D.Tulsiani@sms.ed.ac.uk) and Willem Pauw (pauw.willem@gmail.com). 

Event schedule

Semester 1 2021/22

Date Speaker  Topic Register

Wednesday 6th Oct


Anna Adima (University of York)


Ugandan History 

‘Constructions of Agency in Ugandan women’s journalism, 1960-1972’  

Chaired by Willem Pauw and Dilan Tulsiani 

Wednesday 27th Oct


Giulia Garbagni (University of Cambridge)

Francesco P. Cioffo (University of Turin)


Japanese Global connections

‘Foreign Policy after Empire: Japan’s Envoy Diplomacy in the Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation.  

‘Asian Geographies of Swadeshi: Indian students and Japan as a site of non-Western knowledge’ 

Chaired by Willem Pauw and Dilan Tulsiani 


Wednesday 10th Nov


Simeon Marty (University of Humboldt)

Elanor Kramer-Taylor (King’s College London)

Anticolonial Transnationalism

‘Thinking Black in the Blitz': Pan-African Movements during the 'London Moment', 1939-1948’ 

 ‘Transnational Anti-colonialism in Post-War Britain: the case of the Caribbean Labour Congress, London Branch, 1948-1956’ 

Chaired by Willem Pauw and Dilan Tulsiani 


Wednesday 24th Nov


Zac Roberts (Macquarie University)

Catalina Labra-Odde and Aunty Marilyne Nicholls (Le Trobe University)

'Aboriginal History'

‘Through the camera lens: Visualising 20th Century Aboriginal-Jewish relations in the Australian Outback’ 

Decolonising Intercultural Spaces: A Journey on Country with the Djaara Women’ 

Please note: This will take place at 12pm UK time due to the time difference. 


Further information

Further information about the workshop series, and the wider work of the Centre can be found on its website, ed.ac.uk/history-classics-archaeology/centre-global-history

If you wish to speak at one of the workshops or have any questions, please email ECGHworkshop@gmail.com