Edinburgh Centre for Global History

The William R. McFarlane Scholarship

The Migration, Slavery & Diaspora Studies hub at the Edinburgh Centre for Global History hosts the William R. McFarlane Scholarship for doctoral research.

The William R McFarlane Scholarship supports outstanding doctoral research in Scottish diaspora studies and related disciplines.  Although Scottish history is a core concern, the Migration, Slavery & Diaspora Studies hub, which has developed out of the Scottish Centre for Diaspora Studies, has broad transnational interests and welcomes projects relating to other nations which put the Scottish example in a comparative perspective.

The next award for this scholarship is expected to be made for the academic year starting September 2022.

Current McFarlane Scholars

  • Willem Pauw was awarded the William R. McFarlane Scholarship for 2020. His PhD project supervised by Dr Stephen McDowall and Dr Angela Bartie, combines archival research and oral history to examine the lived experience of various Chinese communities in Scotland.
  • Harry Lewis ​was awarded the William R McFarlane Scholarship for 2019. His PhD project, supervised by Dr Alasdair Raffe and Professor Diana Paton, is entitled Jacobitism and the British Caribbean: a study of Catholicism, Sedition and Otherness, 1688-1745.