Edinburgh Centre for Global History

Affiliated Students

Our students are conducting cutting-edge research into a wide range of global and transnational history topics.

  • Marios Anastasiadis, PhD, researcher, Greek slavery and social mobility (Classics, (HCA)
  • Katherine Burns, PhD researcher: Nineteenth-Century US Studies/Slavery Studies/Gender Studies
  • Carmen Channing Eberhard, PhD researcher: Patagonia; Britain; cultural history; imagined geographies; Latin America (History, HCA)
  • Sam Cheney, PhD researcher: British perceptions of China; music and sound (History, HCA)
  • Arran Claringbold, PhD researcher: Africa; Zimbabwe; nationalism (History, HCA)
  • Alison Clark, PhD researcher: Caribbean; Scotland; economic history; slavery (History, HCA)
  • Amy Cools, PhD researcher: Biography of James McCune Smith (1813-1865), African American history, medicine, philosophy (History, HCA)
  • Daniel Heathcote, PhD researcher: East Africa; the body; cultural history (History, HCA)
  • Alastair Learmont, PhD researcher: Scotland; slavery; abolition (History, HCA)
  • Harry Lewis, PhD researcher: Jacobitism; British Caribbean; Catholicism (History, HCA)
  • James Mackay, PhD researcher: African American refugees in the American Revolution (History, HCA)
  • Linsey McMillan, PhD researcher: Medicine and Slavery in the British Caribbean, 1780-1820 (History, HCA)
  • Willem Pauw, PhD researcher: Experience of Chinese immigrants in Scotland (History, HCA)
  • Xueqing Xi, PhD researcher: British perceptions of China; Chinese language; printing and book history (History, HCA)