Edinburgh Centre for Global History

Affiliated Staff

Our staff have a wide range of research interests in global and transnational history, which we approach from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

Affiliated Staff (University of Edinburgh)

  • Dr Talat Ahmed: Asia; culture and society; film (History, HCA)
  • Dr Felix Boecking: China; political economy; World War II (History, HCA)
  • Professor Stephen Bowd: Global Renaissance (History, HCA)
  • Professor Francesca Bray:  East Asia; gender; agriculture; technology and society (Social Anthropology, SPS)
  • Dr Esther Breitenbach: Scotland; British Empire; Civil Society (History, HCA)
  • Professor Alex Bremner: British empire; history and theory of Victorian architecture and design culture (Architecture, ECA)
  • Dr Emily Brownell: Africa; environmental history; urban history (History, HCA)
  • Dr Mike Carr: Mediterranean; boundaries; merchants (History, HCA)
  • Dr Emile Chabal: France; political ideas; global history of ideas (History, HCA)
  • Dr Roger Collins: Spain; early Middle Ages; comparative cultural and religious history of Eurasia, c. 550-850 (History, HCA)
  • Dr Tom Cunningham: Africa; history of the body; Christianity; colonial and post-colonial archives (History, HCA)
  • Dr Kirsty Day: East-Central Europe; women's & gender history; history of religion (History, HCA)
  • Professor Enda Delaney: Ireland; diaspora; transnational history; modernity in comparative context (History, HCA)
  • Dr Jeremy Dell: West Africa; Islamic world; global history of the book (History, HCA)
  • Dr Josh Doble: Eastern and southern Africa, animal histories, race and colonialism (History, HCA)
  • Dr Kevin Donovan: Africa; economic and political anthropology; African history; science and technology studies (Centre of African Studies, SPS)
  • Professor Niels Gaul: Middle and later Byzantine empire; Cross-cultural approaches to Byzantine paideia and Tang/Song xue (Classics, HCA)
  • Dr Sarah Goldsmith: Britain, Europe; travel and the Grand Tour; gender and the body (History, HCA)
  • Professor Emma Hunter: Africa; history of political thought; print cultures (History, HCA)
  • Dr Harshan Kumarasingham: Commonwealth politics and history (Politics, SPS)
  • Dr Stephen McDowall: China-Europe connections; material and visual culture (History, HCA)
  • Dr Stephan Malinowski: Europe; violence; history of ideas (History, HCA)
  • Dr Esther Mijers: Scotland; Dutch Republic; Atlantic history; formation of empires (History, HCA)
  • Dr Ismay Milford: East Africa; global history; anti-colonialism (History, HCA)
  • Dr Alexander Murdoch: Early modern Scotland, emigration from Scotland in the eighteenth century (History, HCA)
  • Dr Kalathmika Natarajan: South Asia; critical diplomatic history; empire; caste; indenture; Partition (History, HCA)
  • Dr Richard Oosterhoff: Europe; knowledge communities; print and reading; global and comparative approaches to early modern history (History, HCA)
  • Professor Diana Paton: Caribbean; punishment, crime and state formation; slavery; religious cultures (History, HCA)
  • Dr Meha Priyadarshini: Asia; Latin America; global history; material culture (History, HCA)
  • Dr Hiromi Sasamoto-Collins: Japanese history; law and history; women and Japanese history (Asian Studies, LLC)
  • Dr Justyna Turkowska: Central and Eastern Europe; German Empire; history of knowledge; history of medicine (History, HCA) 
  • Dr Wendy Ugolini: Italy; Wales; diaspora; identities in wartime (History, HCA)
  • Dr Tereza Valny: Europe; transnational histories of landscape, collective memory, genocide and commemoration (History, HCA)
  • Dr Ben Weinstein: British empire; Victorian politics; liberalism (History, HCA)
  • Dr Hatice Yıldız: The late Ottoman Empire; colonial India; gender; labour; class; comparative history (History, HCA)

Affiliated Staff (beyond the University of Edinburgh)