Postgraduate Archaeology

We offer a first-class experience in graduate education and research to students from all over the world.


The University of Edinburgh has an international reputation for innovative teaching and research, and is an excellent location for postgraduate study. Archaeology benefits from excellent library, computing and research facilities.

The University's Main Library is one of the largest in Britain, with over two million periodicals, manuscripts, theses, microforms and printed books. In addition, students have access to the National Library of Scotland, one of the UK copyright libraries.

We have a thriving community of postgraduate students, who come from all over the UK as well as European and other countries (notably Canada and the USA). Current postgraduate research projects cover a broad spectrum, from the Palaeolithic to recent times, in the United Kingdom (and especially in Scotland), continental Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Research and fieldwork

HCA Arrowhead found at Ossi, Sardinia

Our research and fieldwork plays a prominent role in University life and teaching and encompasses a wide range of themes and periods:

  • origins of farming in the Near East
  • late hunter-gatherers and the spread of farming in Europe
  • megalithic monuments
  • urban societies in the Mediterranean and Europe
  • Scottish archaeology
  • bioarchaeology.

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Edinburgh: a dynamic academic environment

Overall, Edinburgh provides an ideal environment for academic research, development and interaction. There are frequent programmes of archaeological conferences, lectures and events including those of the University Archaeology Society, the Munro Lectureship Committee, the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, the First Millennium Studies Group, the Scottish-Hellenic Society and the Classical Association. The city is also home to a number of professional archaeologists working in Heritage Management and commercial archaeology units.

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