Congratulations to our prizewinners

Congratulations to all our prizewinners! (Published 10 July, 2017)

HCA 2017 Graduation

The School sends warmest congratulations to all the prizewinners, recently announced:


Annabella Kirkpatrick Prize Scholarship in History – Iona Glen, Georgie Blears

James Elliott Prize (Scottish History) – Louis Wright

Compton Prize for American History – Katherine Nash

Dobson Morpeth Senior Prize (Scottish History Dissertation) – Flora Dallas

The Rev A E L Paterson Prize (Medieval History) – Giulia Bellato, William Russell

Paterson (Noel) Essay Prize (Year 4 Modern British History) – Francesca Morphakis

Margaret Balfour Keith Memorial Prize (Year 3 British History) – Rose Whitty

Margaret Balfour Keith Memorial Prize for American History – Iona Wilkie

Margaret Balfour Keith Memorial Prize for Asian & African History – Carissa Tarmin Chew

Dobson Morpeth Junior Prize (Scottish History) – Samantha Maree Jacobson

Charles Stuart Pennell Prize (Medieval History) – Emilia Alice Blyth


Scott and Dunbar (Greek) – Lily Davies, Dominic Brown

Margaret Stobie Keith – Benjamin Jackson, Katherine Lowe, Euan Smith

W R Hardie Memorial Prize (Latin) – Lily Davies, Anna-Sofia Alitalo

Edgar Prize (Greek) – Lily Davies, Shi-en Chang, Katie McHugh

Ancient History Prize – Emily Small

Classical Art and Archaeology Prize – Giulia Bellato

Butcher Memorial Prize in Greek – Octavia Charlesworth, Hugh Riches

Imke Schutte Memorial Prize – Brandon Shuler

The Pinkerton Prize in Latin – Amber Brown


R N Wardrop Prize – Zara Grace Meyers

Archaeology Dissertation Prize – Linda Bjerketvedt