Rob Dinnis shares research in interview

Dr Rob Dinnis has discussed his latest research in a recent Sunday Post feature. (Published 9 April 2014)

Model of early modern human

Following on from the great success of his recent book “Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story”, Dr Rob Dinnis has talked further about his and his colleagues' research on the lives of early Britons in the Sunday Post.

Dr Dinnis discusses his research into early human life, what Britain and its people were like one million years ago and his ideal archaeological discovery.

Best-selling book

The book, co-authored with Professor Chris Stringer of the Natural History Museum, achieved “Best Seller” status on Amazon, based on sales in the Human Evolution category.

Sales of the book coincide with a major exhibition at the museum, which opened in February. Visitors can journey back in time as the ancient Britons are brought to life through imagery, artefacts and fossils, films and life-size models.

New book achieves 'Best Seller' status

Neanderthal links to humans confirmed

In further news scientists at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Biological Sciences have traced the origins of the biological ties that exist between humans and Neanderthals. Research suggests that Europeans may be closer to their Neanderthal cousins than has previously been thought.



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Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story on Amazon

Natural History Museum exhibition

The Ancient Human Occupation of Britain project on a BBC Radio 4 “Inside Science” special