Scholarships for Academic Excellence

The School has awarded eight scholarships to high achieving undergraduate students across all three subject areas. (Published 21 October 2014)

Winners of the Award for Academic Excellence 2015
Front row (L-R): Tom Andrews, Pablo Perez Ruiz, Iona Glen, Sarah Adamek, Francesca Morphakis. Back row (L-R): Ian Ralston, Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones, Thomas Ahnert, Jim Crow, Adam Fox.

Successful students represent a variety of degree programmes, both single and joint honours, and include two students spending their third year abroad.

Well done to:

  • Sarah Adamek (History)
  • Iona Glen (History)
  • Francesca Morphakis (History)
  • Pablo Perez Ruiz (History and Politics)
  • Lily Davis (Classics, 3rd year abroad)
  • Martin Greenacre (History, 3rd year abroad)

The students were congratulated on their achievements at a reception with senior staff. Tom Andrews (Classics), a year-abroad recipient of the award in 2014, also attended the reception.

Academic merit

Entries were assessed on the basis of academic merit by a panel comprising the Head of School, the three Heads of Subject - Professor Jim Crow, Dr Thomas Ahnert and Professor Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones - together with the Undergraduate Director, Dr Adam Fox.

Hard work rewarded

The successful students have exciting plans for their scholarships with some keen to further their academic career with postgraduate study, others plan to undertake field work or travel and some are grateful that the funds will allow them to focus on their studies without financial pressures.

Some of this year’s recipients explain what difference this scholarship will make to them.

The Undergraduate Scholarship for Academic Excellence has been a great motivation to work hard for my second year results and I am very happy and grateful to be one of the recipients. The award will ease the financial pressure of everyday life whilst allowing  me to concentrate on my studies. It is, however, the substantial support in financing postgraduate studies that I see as the most significant benefit of winning the scholarship.

Sarah AdamekHistory, 3rd year

The award money will enable me to go on genuinely life-changing field trips and allow me to really focus on my studies.

Iona GlenHistory, 3rd year

Winning the award will make so much difference to my academic career, giving me the ability to pursue postgraduate studies in modern political history without having to worry about finances. It has also given me a great morale boost moving up to honours-level studies.

I would like to thank the School of History, Classics and Archaeology, as well as the University of Edinburgh for this award, and also encourage others to apply for this wonderful opportunity.

Francesca MorphakisHistory, 3rd year

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