Archaeology at Edinburgh University

Read about our current aims, research projects and areas of interest.


We offer a high quality education in archaeology at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Stimulating courses on a wide range of periods and subjects, including archaeological theory and practice, are available each session.

Edinburgh has a long and distinguished tradition of teaching (undergraduate and postgraduate), research and fieldwork, all of which are closely integrated.

We specialise in the study of Europe and the Middle East, but without neglecting the wider world. Our geographical focus extends from southern Scandinavia and Britain (especially Scotland) across the European mainland to the Balkans and the Mediterranean basin, and from there to the Near East. All programmes are theoretically informed and place the subject in the modern world. Staff have interests ranging from the early hominids through later prehistoric ranked societies to the Byzantine world. These are complemented within the School by classical archaeology, taught within Classics. We have also developed a range of scientific expertise, notably within bioarchaeology, including osteoarchaeology, and forensic anthropology.