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Professor Jim Crow

M.Litt. BA. F.S.A., F.S.A. (Scot.)

Professor of Classical Archaeology; Roman and Byzantine Archaeology




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Book Chapters 

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Journal Articles

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Internet Publications

For interim reports on the Water Supply of Constantinople Project see:


In press/forthcoming

Crow, J. and Turner, S. Archéologie des églises aniconiques de Naxos in Actes du colloque sur l?anoicisme, Geneve 2009, Pomme d’Or Press. Geneva ( final proofs sent).

Crow, J. Fortifications, Amastris, Sinope, in P. Niewöhner (ed.) The Archaeology of Byzantine Anatolia, From Late Antiquity to the Coming of the Turks, Brill.

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Crow, J. The water supply of Constantinople (Bizans Konstantinopolis inin Su Tedarik Sistemi), Istanbul History/Istanbul Tarihi, SAM publications (Technology volume English and Turkish).