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Professor Douglas Cairns


Professor of Classics


Postgraduate supervision


Name Degree Thesis topic Supervision type Link
Claudia Baldassi PhD TBC Primary link
Matteo Barbato PhD Reading ideology through myth: a study on rhetoric and Athenian collective memory Secondary  
James Livingston PhD Psychological imagery in Apollonius Rhodius Primary  
  PhD Music and Emotions in the Ancient Aristotolian Tradition Secondary  
Angeliki Pesmatzoglou PhD TBC Primary  
Siobhan Privitera PhD The Body in the Mind in Homeric poetry Primary  
  PhD Ethics in the Pindaric Scholia Primary  

Graduated since 2001:

Name Degree Thesis topic Supervision type Completion year Link
Maria Constantinou PhD Demeter in Hellenistic Poetry Secondary 2014  
Mariana Penha Ferreira Vieira PhD Fate and Determinism in Sophocles’ Theban Plays Primary 2014  
Houliang Lu PhD Xenophon’s Theory of Moral Education Primary 2014  
Alexandre Johnston MScR Human Achievement in Pindar's Epinicia Primary 2013 link
Anthony Ellis PhD Religion in Herodotus Primary 2013  
Nicola Bannister PhD Artemis in Magna Graecia Primary 2010  
Michael Cummings PhD Metaphor and Emotion: Eros in the Greek Novel Primary 2010  
Deborah Natanson PhD Deiloi Brotoi: Human Beings in Homer's lliad Primary 2009  
Calum MacIver PhD Reading Quintus Reading Homer: Intertextual Engagement in Quintus Smyrnaeus’ Posthomerica Secondary 2009  
Mariana Penha Ferreira Vieira MScR Empedocles Secondary 2008  
Eleni Dragona MScR Ancient Greek Magic Secondary 2005  
Calum MacIver MScR Gnomai in Quintus of Smyrna Secondary 2005  
Michael Cummings MScR Pindar, Pythian II Primary 2005