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Professor Patrick Joyce

Honorary Professor


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Address: School of History, Classics and Archaeology, William Robertson Wing, Teviot Place, Edinburgh EH8 9AG
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Scottish Centre for Diaspora Studies

I was born in west London and grew up in Paddington and Notting Hill in the post-war years. I attended a Secondary Modern school, even though I passed the notorious 11-plus examination, this kind of school being almost the lowest level of the class-driven state schooling then available.

After school from the age of 16 I worked in a variety of jobs, more or less menial, and then attended the University of Keele in the 1960s (University motto: “Thanke God for All”).

I did my graduate work at Balliol College, Oxford and then taught in London, followed by a long period at the University of Manchester, to 2007.

After this, retiring in order to get some work done, I have been peripatetic. For those who wish to have further information see my Field Day Review essay of 2014, “The Journey West”, also the 2015 essay, “Time Thickens”.

External appointments

Emeritus Professor of History, University of Manchester

Visiting Research Fellow, Trinity College Dublin

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