School of History, Classics & Archaeology

Teaching quality

Our high standards in providing successful learning experiences are maintained through new teaching initiatives, contributions and constructive criticism made by students, and careful staff attention to how courses and programmes are designed, delivered and reviewed.

Ensuring teaching excellence

The School is committed to excellence in teaching its students.

Quality assurance and enhancement

‘Quality Assurance and Enhancement’ (commonly abbreviated as QA) refers to a collection of processes each School in the University is responsible for carrying out.

Assessment and feedback

These pages outline how course assessment is carried out and monitored, provide information about marking (scales, consistency and moderation) and identify the best practices in giving and using feedback.

Peer observation

Participation in ‘peer observation of teaching’ (POT) is a normal expectation for all teaching staff in the University.

Support for innovation and best practice in teaching

The School organises a seminar series for all staff and post-graduate students, entitled the 'Teaching Circle’, which arranges events focusing on innovation in teaching and learning and sharing best practice.

Student involvement

Student life is busy, but the School encourages students to take advantage of the many opportunities available for getting involved and making the most of their time at Edinburgh.