Nursing Studies


As the Honours dissertation is an extended piece of work it is given a rating of 40 credits, or the equivalent of two courses.

The dissertation allows the final year students to integrate and apply the knowledge and skills from the 4 years of the programme and present a critical assessment relating to an area of nursing practice.

The choice of topic for the dissertation is as wide ranging as is the discipline of nursing. Students have the opportunity to pursue areas of particular research interest or an area of clinical interest that will contribute towards a career ambition.

Past research topics

Nursing focused issues recently pursued have included:

  • The prevention of complications in Diabetes mellitus
  • Hope and survival in cancer care
  • Evidence and intuition in nursing decisions
  • Communication in accident and emergency care

For this important final assignment, each student has a member of staff as a supervisor who looks to provide guidance and intellectual stimulation and help the students to develop their talents widely and to the full.

It is worth noting that students often go on to publish academic and clinical papers from their dissertation work.

Student publications