Nursing Studies

Fees & funding information

Fee and funding information for EU, Rest of UK or Overseas students.

Tuition Fees information 

Additional costs

If you have been deemed to be a student from the EU, Rest of UK or Overseas (by fee status) we have to highlight to you additional costs that you will be liable for if you are successful in gaining a place with us. You may have seen mention of this in the prospectus – below is a breakdown of the expected costs.

Item One-off cost
Student Nurse Uniform   

Approximately £80

This cost covers four uniforms for year one.  This is a one-off cost unless additional/replacement uniforms are required which can be purchased at approx. £15 per uniform.

Protecting Vulnerable Groups Membership

New member £59

Existing member £18

*students are only required to register with the PVG scheme once for the Nursing programme.  If you seek employment outside of your studies and the NHS/Care agency require an update this would be an additional £18 renewal.

Occupational Health

Clearance for study £30-40

Hep B vaccination 

BCG testing

MMR vaccine

Missed appointment (per appointment) £30

The listed vaccines are the most common our students require but this is not exhaustive. Each vaccine carries a different cost, therefore this total is approximate.

Approximate total £300

Placement costs 

There are a total of 61 weeks’ Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders based placement across the 4-year programme.  We cannot facilitate placements outside of the Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders region.

You can be placed anywhere within the Lothians and Borders regions for placement.  Travel and accommodation costs are variable. However, if you are given a placement based within Edinburgh, daily bus travel is approx. £4.50 a day (or cheaper with student bus pass). 

Paying for accommodation will make placements considerably more expensive, but it will depend on where you choose to stay how much cost you will incur.

Costs are variable and will depend on your placement location and whether you need to arrange accommodation.  The programme administrator will send information to the group about accommodation and travel along with placement allocations in year 1.

Examples of possible costs 

Travel for a five-week hospital-based placement in Edinburgh: £80 (student bus pass)

Cost of travel for a five-week community-based placement in East/West Lothian (costs vary depending on where the placement is in the Lothians): £270 (train) or £85 (bus)
Cost of accommodation for a five-week placement in Borders: £360 (NHS staff accommodation++)
Example cost of accommodation for a five-week placement in Borders: £800 (student halls, Heriot Watt Borders)

++NHS accommodation is limited and we cannot guarantee this option will be available to students on every placement.  

Please note these costs are an estimation and may be higher or lower than listed due to changes in pricing and individual student need. Students are liable to meet all of these costs themselves – the School of Health in Social Science cannot offer assistance with these expenses. However, students may be eligible for scholarships and additional funds offered through the University of Edinburgh’s Scholarships and Funding team.

There is an additional four weeks of placement in year three that students plan themselves (clinical elective).  Individuals can choose to base this in the UK or internationally and cost varies accordingly.

If you want to discuss the Nursing programme or these costs please contact us directly via or on 0131 651 3972.

If you have any queries about the admissions process please contact admissions via or on 0131 650 3565.

We hope that this information is helpful and will enable you to plan in advance for your studies at the University of Edinburgh if you are successful in receiving an offer.  If however, you feel these costs are going to be prohibitive in coming to study with us and want to discuss the possibility of changing your application choice to a programme elsewhere you can contact UCAS directly, bearing in mind this should be done before the UCAS deadline.

This information is only relevant to undergraduate Nursing Studies at the University of Edinburgh, for students seeking admission from the 2019-20 session and subsequent years.  These costs are for guidance only and may be higher or lower than quoted due to external suppliers, change in costs in the future or student choice.  Other universities in Scotland may have different policies around this issue and prospective students should look into other university costs themselves. We cannot comment or advise on other universities or the policies they choose to implement.