Nursing Studies

Student Research

Below is a list of some of our other current PhD students and the areas they are researching.


Our Current Research Students

Jillian Taylor 
Does managing emotions marginalise intuitive knowledge? A study of Health Visitors work safeguarding and protection children.
Matias Faundez Aedo 
The sustainability of values in the Chilean newly qualified nurses’ professional socialisation
Abdullah Alshehri
The Effects of High-Fidelity Simulation on Knowledge Acquisition and Retention of Advanced Cardiac Life Support among Final Year Undergraduate Nursing Students in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Louise Johnston
An exploration of Adult and Mental Health student nurses’ articulation journey from Further Education to Higher Education, Graduation and Employment via an Extended Practice Learning Experience (EPLE) transitional module. 
Ohoud Al Abo Nassir 
Saudi Patients’ perceptions and experiences of living with diabetic foot ulcer in the Southern Region of Saudi Arabia.
Aromoke Sanjo Odutayo 
Sahar Alshahrani 
Exploring the Perception and Experiences of Nurse Educators Involved in Moving from Low Simulation Labs to High Fidelity Simulation Labs 
Fatimah Alobayli 
Health Information Technology (Nursing Performance Improvement)
Yin Wang 
To Explore the Experience of Registered Nurses and Nursing Students of Caring for People Living with HIV/Aids in China
Febriana Sebrian 
Developing a model for primary health care nursing practice in Indonesia
Daniella Castillo Mansilla
The Management of the Emotions of Nursing Professionals and Its Relation to Safe and Compassionate Care in Chile
Hanadi Dakhilallah 
Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Saudi Nurses in Infection Prevention and Control within a Governmental Hospital in Saudi Arabia
Man Sao Lo 
The eSexual Health Literage in Macau Adolescents: A Mixed Methods Study
Lian Zhu 
A Realist Evaluation of ICU Diaries: What Works For Whom in Which Circumstances
Claudia Collado 
Advance Care Planning (ACP) in Chile: Towards the construction of a model from the nursing care. 
Fiona McIntosh 
Investigating Nurses’ experiences and perceptions of caring for Forced Maternal Migrants in the UK; can lessons be learnt?’
Esra Sinary 
Perceptions of females with cardiac disease regarding cardiac rehabilitation in Saudi Arabia: a qualitative study
Mengying Zhang 
Development of a mobile application tosupport the self-management of lung cancer patients
Pachit Amsri 
Life experiences in the sex work industry in Pattaya: the migrants ’perspective  
Melanie Blanka Phillips 
A study of non-adherence on an Edinburgh cohort of patients considered for simultaneoous kidney and pancreas transplant both pre and post-transplant.


 Sandra Peniston 


Christopher Sweeney   
Yuet Man Lai 
Explore Hong Kong educated nurses’ motivation and experience of transitioning into the United Kingdom’s healthcare environment  
Huda Alamri 
 Exploring the Methods of Teaching Fundamentals of Nursing in Saudi Arabia. 
Tanawan Pitakkochakorn 
Mental health among children with long-term conditions: A qualitative study
Huimin Chong 
Regional difference of Chinese parental acceptance of the HPV vaccine 
Daniela Perucca 
Teaching sustainability: How sustainability education could empower nurses’ capacity to integrate sustainability in nursing care
Kurnia Putri Yuliandari 
Randomised Controlled Trial to Determine the Efficacy of Smartphone-Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to Control Chronic Pain, Improve Coping and Quality of Life in Paediatric with Sickle Cell Disease at King Abdul-Aziz University Hospital in Jeddah.