Nursing Studies

Social Justice and Health Inequity

This research priority focuses on people on the margins of society who experience inequitable access to healthcare and reduced opportunities to live well for a variety of reasons including: ethnicity, age, poverty, migration and gender. Research impact in this theme is explicitly orientated towards achieving social justice for these groups through engagement with policy makers and practitioners.

Exploring the experience of women receiving T3 /T4 therapy

Exploring the impact withdrawal of combined T3 and T4 (hormonal) therapy can have on the physical, mental and emotional health of women diagnosed with hypothyroidism (under active thyroid)

Health in prison settings in Scotland

The health of people in prison is significantly poorer than that of the general population and with the majority of sentenced people returning to the community, improving the health of this population is important from a wider public health perspective.

Defining priorities for prison health research in Scotland: a Delphi study

This study is utilising the Delphi technique to ascertain what academics, practitioners and service users perceive the key research priorities for prison health in Scotland to be.

Exploring the factors that influence harmful alcohol use through the refugee journey

The proposed project is a qualitative study of harmful alcohol use among people seeking asylum and refugees in Scotland and England.

Qualitative Evaluation of Clinical Pharmacist Prescribing Input into the Care of People Experiencing Homelessness

The links between homelessness and poor health are well recognised, and the difficulties healthcare providers encounter in meeting the needs of the most vulnerable homeless people – some of whom are branded ‘service resistant' – have been well documented.