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Nursing Studies' programme of addiction research that includes alcohol use and tobacco control.

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The addictions research programme group has recently formed the University of Edinburgh Alcohol Research Group and the Scottish Alcohol Researchers’ Group.

Nursing Studies is leading the way in addiction research:

Alcohol use: The alcohol research programme currently has 3 areas of work ongoing: Alcohol Related Brain Disease, Alcohol Brief Interventions in Police Custody and Alcohol Education and Training for nurses: Workforce Development.

Tobacco control: The tobacco control research programme has evaluated the effectiveness of smoke-free homes ‘interventions and policies. The research programme is part of the University of Edinburgh Tobacco Control research group and the Tobacco Control Nurses International.

Case Studies (alcohol use)

Alcohol-related harm in Scotland

2014 (Co-application) (£1,500) Alcohol-related harm in Scotland: disseminating new evidence and identifying policy-relevant research priorities. Dr Fiona Cuthill and Dr Aisha Holloway. Alcohol Research UK

Exploring the attitudes and practices of Nurses and General Practitioners

2014 PI (£5,000) Exploring the attitudes and practices of nurses and General Practitioners (GPs) in the delivery of Alcohol Brief Interventions (ABIs) in Scotland: a qualitative study. Dr Aisha Holloway. Scottish Health Alliance for Alcohol Problems

Exploring the impact and harms experiences by families of those with substance misuse

2014 PI (£2,000) Exploring the impact and harms experienced by families of those with substance misuse: a pilot study. Dr Aisha Holloway and Dr Nick Jenkins. Scottish Families affected by Alcohol & Drugs.

Utilising Photovoice as an innovative methology across disciplines

2014 PI (£14,220) Utilising Photovoice as an innovative methodology across disciplines to explore its impact in understanding the environment in relation to recovery from alcohol-related harm. Dr Aisha Holloway, Dr Sarah Rhynas, Ms Silveirinha de Oliveira, Dr Shortt. Challenge Investment Fund, The University of Edinburgh

Engaging with those suffering from Alcohol Related Brain Disease

2013 PI (£6,000) Engaging with those suffering from Alcohol-Related Brain Disease (ARBD), their carers, service providers and the community through photographic visual art. Dr Aisha Holloway & Dr Sarah Rhynas. Knowledge Exchange, The University of Edinburgh; Gardner Fund, The University of Edinburgh; NHS Lothian; Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP); National Galleries Scotland.

Case studies (tobacco control)

Smoke-Free Homes Research Project

The study was aimed at changing smoking behaviours in the home, specifically around children.

Tobacco control

Use of indoor air quality measurements to increase engagement with, and efficacy of, routine smoking interventions in pregnant mothers

Who is involved in alcohol use research?

Who is involved in tobacco control research?

PhD Students completing tobacco control research

  • Thanee (Tony) Glomjai - Alcohol Consumption Behaviours of Young Thai People: Perspectives of Stakeholders in Petchaburi Province, Thailand