Nursing Studies

International Health and Workforce

Nursing Studies has a programme of research in international health and workforce. Projects cover education and funding priorities in Maternal and Child Health, migration and workforce issues.

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Nursing Studies is currently involved in research and educational projects in Malawi and Nepal, working in partnership with the School of Social and Political Science, the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, the University of Malawi and Social Science Baha, Nepal. Nursing Studies is affiliated with the University of Edinburgh’s Global Health Academy.

Case Studies

Brokerage in Maternal and Child Health Service Development and Delivery in Nepal and Malawi

This research focuses on the role and functions of different types of institutions and professionals who broker health sector development projects and programmes in order to understand the nature of mediation and translation involved in the process of meeting global development objectives. It will involve identifying and studying the role and functions of different intermediaries in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development projects in the field of maternal and child health. It seeks to move beyond the ideological positions and arguments that defend or condemn ‘neoliberalisation’ to study the role and functions of intermediaries that broker the delivery of international aid in the Maternal Child Health sector in Nepal and Malawi. Eight organisations have been selected for in-depth ethnographic research and focused interviews to study the range of institutional engagement in the sector. The research aims to have an impact on policy and practice by running workshops in Nepal and Malawi for relevant individuals and institutions.

Researchers: PI: Ian Harper I, Co-Is Pam Smith, Jeevan Sharma J, Radha Adhikari R, Address Malata and Deepak Thapa

ESRC/DFID £443,497 (May 2014-April 2016)

Reshaping the education & training of professionals delivering maternal & child healthcare in Malawi

This project focuses on postgraduate Masters’ education and training programmes for doctors, nurses and clinical officers in maternal and child health in Malawi. This involves knowledge and skills transfer using technology learning platforms, staff development and capacity-building. The aim is to improve and enhance curriculum content, delivery, assessment, quality and sustainability to address high maternal, neonatal, child and infant mortality rates. Project monitoring and evaluation activities involve capturing quantitative and qualitative data through database analysis, surveys, focus groups and interviews set against staff qualifications and predefined maternal and child health.

Researchers: PI: David Dewhurst, Liz Grant, Neil Turner, Helen Cameron, Pam Smith, Tonks Fawcett, Robert Ridley, Ellen Chirwa and Eric Borgstein

Scottish Government, Malawi Development Fund, £396,425 (May 2013-March 2016)

Who is involved in International Health and Workforce research?

PhD Students undertaking International Health and Workforce research

  • Abeer Alatawi - The role of specialist nursing in the care of children with asthma in Saudi Arabia: A case study approach
  • Lindy Hatfield - Comparing Registered Nurses’ Perceptions and Experiences of Personal and Professional Development in the UK and South Africa