Nursing Studies

Research publications

A selection of Nursing Studies staff publications, chosen to give you a flavour of our research interests and scholarship activity.

Maggie N. Carson

Maggie's research interests include leadership in nursing and outpatient treatment.

Tonks Fawcett

Tonks' research interests include cancer care, surgical nursing and clinical supervision.

Elaine Haycock-Stuart

Elaine's research interests include public health nursing and nursing policy and organisation.

Susanne Kean

Susanne's research interests include critical illness, recovery and patients' and families' experiences.

Sheila Rodgers

Sheila's research interests include surgical nursing and organisational learning in health care.

Pam Smith

Pam's research interests include caring and emotional work in nursing, student nurse learning, the migrant workforce, leadership and organisations, end of life issues and community care.

Dr. Fiona Cuthill 

Dr Fiona Cuthill

Fiona has a particular interest in health inequalities, gender based violence, homelessness and refugee health. In addition, Fiona is interested in the ways that nurses engage in social justice in the UK; what social justice is understood to mean within the profession of nursing in the UK and how it is employed in practice situations.