Nursing Studies

Policy Professions and Care

Research in this area considers the current education, workforce, practice, systems (including information technology or eHealth) and patient factors at the intersection of health-related policy. The research we undertake seeks to inform and transform at all levels, influencing to bring critical perspectives to the contemporary challenges of local and global health care research and challenges.

Strengthening the Executive Nurse Director Role in the UK: a qualitative interview study

The project will generate new evidence and make recommendations to strengthen the Executive Nurse Director role; and to highlight challenges and opportunities that impact the role across the different administrations of the United Kingdom.

Investigating the underrepresentation of men in Nursing

The aim of the project is to explore the influences and causes of the underrepresentation of men in pre-registration nursing across Scotland as males currently make up less than 10% of nursing students.

A study of pregnant women in areas of urban deprivation 

Examining how  pregnant women and new mothers living in areas of urban deprivation access and use information about how to look after themselves during pregnancy.

Exploring the experiences of student nurses working in care homes

The aim of this project is to understand the attitudes, experiences and learning needs of student nurses in relation to care home nursing and develop the Nursing Studies curriculum accordingly.

Assessing alcohol use in expectant mothers

This project explores the implementation by midwives of the Chief Medical Officers’ (CMO) alcohol drinking guidelines with the key objective of identifying barriers and facilitators to inform future practice.

Earliest Graduates Study

Capturing the experiences of graduates, and a small number of staff, from Nursing Studies at Edinburgh University.