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Person Centred Care in Practice: Relationships and Emotion (Online)

In a 21st century healthcare service, users are encouraged to be more informed, engaged and involved in shaping service delivery. Providers are expected to offer choice, competent and integrated care whilst retaining the essence of compassion and person centred. This course offers learners the opportunity to reflect, explore and critically examine the theories and concepts that facilitate Person Centred Care in practice. Students will also gain new knowledge to challenge current perceptions and develop new skills that support modern and evidence based practice.

SQCF Level 11   
Credits 20
Course Organiser    Dr Lissette Aviles 
Start Date January 2024
Fees UK £1,690

This course sets out to enable practitioners to critically review and examine in depth the many facets of Person Centred Care in practice. Learners will discover new ways of learning about their practice as well as ways to embed new knowledge to their ways of working. Content offered includes topics such as Co-production and Asset based approach to caring, Compassionate care models, the Senses framework and Emotional Labour. Digital Stories will also be used as a method of exploring and eliciting what Person Centred Care means in practice and how care could be enhanced through this process. Developing self and others is done through critical reflection and analysis of own clinical practice and sharing lessons learned with peers. Throughout the course, students will be challenged to focus on the user perspective by analysing critical incidents or failing organisations. The critical aspects of caring for self and others will also be discussed and students will get an opportunity to engage in creative tasks that look at images, metaphors and art as a way to express the meaning of person centeredness.

This online course offers students the flexibility of learning when and where it suits them. However, over the 10 weeks of learning students are expected to engage and contribute to their learning community by posting on the digital discussion boards used in the course. Students will also get an opportunity to participate in a virtual meeting and get regular feedback about their progress from the course leader. It is expected that for this 20 credit course students will spend 200 hours of learning, some of which will be online.

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Learning outcomes

On completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Critically analyse the theory related to Person Centred Care including reflection of self and others
  2. Explore and debate contemporary issues impacting on Person Centred Care in Practice
  3. Examine and implement an assets approach to learning and practice
  4. Discuss and critically analyse the service user perspective and the impact the learning has on practice



Essay (70%) 3,000 - 3,500 words

Discussion Board (30%)


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