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Homeless and Inclusion Health (Online)

This postgraduate course aims to understand the global context of homelessness and to apply it to the health and wellbeing experience of the individual at local level. It is anticipated that this course will be of interest to students from a wide range of different disciplines, including medicine, nursing, social sciences, allied health professions and geography, amongst others. A strength of this course is the interdisciplinary nature of the course and the opportunity to learn from each other. The course will be taught fully online over 10 weeks and will consist of synchronous and asynchronous online activities including 'study circle' group journal workshops. These 'study circles' consist of 5-6 students and are student led.

SQCF Level 11
Credits 20
Course Director Dr Steph Grohmann
Start Date January 2024
Fees UK/EU £1,690

About the course

This course will critically engage with contemporary issues, theories and concepts within the sphere of homelessness and inclusion health. For example, the impacts of globalization on increasing homelessness, the diversity of people who find themselves homeless, including women, children and refugees, and the experience of homelessness from those who have lived experience.

This course is delivered by a range of experts from within the University of Edinburgh and also external health and social care practitioners. Experts by Experience contribute their personal experiences of homelessness and health to the course. Students are expected to engage with their learning through group discussions, lectures, reading relevant scholarly literature and interaction with experts in the field of homelessness and health through taught sessions. Students will learn from each other through: 1) engagement with the 'study circles'; 2) through interactions with Experts by Experience, lecturers and experts in health care practice; and, 3) through answering questions in the presentations.

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Learning outcomes

On completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Critical engagement with a wide range of social, psychological, biomedical and political theories and concepts of homelessness and health in a global context.
  2. A critical understanding of the intersection of health and with other structural factors implicated with pathways into and out of homelessness.
  3. Critical knowledge of the ways that the socio-political context shapes the field of homelessness in different global contexts.
  4. An understanding of a range of epidemiological data and how it informs understandings of the health needs of people who experience homelessness and service provision.
  5. An understanding of the voice and perspective of Experts by Experience as partners in health care.


Summative assignment details:

The assignment will be in 3 parts as indicated below:

1.  60% - written assignment.

2. 30% - group presentation.

3. 10% - engagement in group ‘study circles’.


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Further information

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