Nursing Studies

Potential PhD titles

A list of potential PhD titles supervised by Nursing Studies staff.

Title Supervisor  
Global Nursing Leadership Aisha Holloway  
Global Public Health Aisha Holloway  
Prison Health Aisha Holloway  
Development and evaluation of complex interventions Aisha Holloway  
Exploring alcohol interventions within the prison population Aisha Holloway  
Alcohol education and training in pre-registration and post-registration curricula Aisha Holloway  
Alcohol Brief Interventions: evaluation in various settings e.g. hospital, workplace, prisons Aisha Holloway  
Nurses role in achieving behaviour change Aisha Holloway  
Alcohol and public health Aisha Holloway  
Development and evaluation of complex interventions Aisha Holloway  
Nursing Political Leadership: Influencing health policy Aisha Holloway  
Examining dignity and respect in nursing for compassionate care Elaine Haycock-Stuart  
Leadership Elaine Haycock-Stuart  
Service organisation and delivery Elaine Haycock-Stuart  
Nursing Education Elaine Haycock-Stuart  
Understanding skill mix in primary care for good nursing outcomes Elaine Haycock-Stuart  
Public health and community nursing Elaine Haycock-Stuart  
Public health and community nursing Fiona Cuthill  
Public Health: communicable and non-communicable disease Fiona Cuthill  
Public Health: Refugees Fiona Cuthill  
Public Healthhomelessness and marginalised groups Fiona Cuthill  
Cancer care issues Tonks Fawcett  
Clinical decision making Tonks Fawcett  
Pain Tonks Fawcett  
Experiences of families and patients with acute and/or chronic critical illness Susanne Kean  
Person and family centered care (PFCC) in critical care (including interventions) Susanne Kean  
Recovery and/or survivorship after critical illness Susanne Kean  
Intervention studies in critical care (e.g. delirium, PFCC interventions, bereavement and so on) Susanne Kean  
Workforce: nurses in critical care issues Susanne Kean  
Developing interventions to prevent and reduce delirium in acutely ill patients Sheila Rodgers  
Nursing workforce in acute care and critical care units Sheila Rodgers  
Older peoples experiences of critical care and recovery from Sheila Rodgers  
Respiratory rate as an indicator of deterioration in acutely ill patients Sheila Rodgers  
Music interventions for people with dementia Sheila Rodgers  
Liver, renal and/or pancreatic surgery Jennifer Tocher  
Pain in critical care Jennifer Tocher  
Nurses experiences of approaching relatives for organ donation Jennifer Tocher  
Interdisciplinary simulated learning Jennifer Tocher  
Personal and social identity when living with dementia Sarah Rhynas  
Maintaining personal identity while in acute hospital when living with dementia Sarah Rhynas  
Transition to care home - patient, family and professional perspectives Sarah Rhynas  
Dementia Charlotte Clarke  
Older people Charlotte Clarke  
Citizenship Charlotte Clarke  
Risk Theory Charlotte Clarke  
Adult endocrine nursing Maggie Carson  
Nursing education Maggie Carson  
Nursing leadership Maggie Carson  
Palliative and end of life for people with dementia living in care homes Julie Watson  
Relationship-centred care for people with dementia Julie Watson  
The needs of the care home workforce Julie Watson