Nursing Studies

Contents and structure

Find out how your research will be structured.

Timeline for a PhD or MPhil

Full-time PhD students Months 1-12 Months 13-24 Months 25-36
Part-time PhD students Months 1-24 Months 25-48 Months 49-72
Full-time MPhil students Months 1-9 Months 9-18 Months 19-24
Part-time MPhil students Months 1-12 Months 13-36 Months 37-48
Key Activities

Taking research training courses

Reviewing literature

Developing methodology

Designing the research

Applying for ethical approval

Preparing Review Board paper (PhD and MPhil only)

Conference attendance

Ongoing - develop research and transferable skills

Generating and analysing data

Continuing to review literature

Conference attendance

Ongoing - developing research and transferable skills

Completing data analysis

Writing thesis

Other dissemination (e.g. conference papers)

As a PhD/MPhil student in Nursing Studies you will also be able to attend a wide range of postgraduate seminar courses in the School of Health in Social Science and related disciplines within the University.