Nursing Studies


Find out how your research will be structured.

Timeline for a PhD or MPhil

In the first year, students typically choose a number of optional taught postgraduate courses from within the School of Health, or other Schools within the University, as appropriate to their research programme, and as agreed with their supervisor.

Subsequent years of the PhD programme primarily focus on recruitment of study participants, data collection and analysis of the main research, which can then be written up and completed by the end of the third year

Full-time PhD students Months 1-12 Months 13-24 Months 25-36
Part-time PhD students Months 1-24 Months 25-48 Months 49-72
Full-time MPhil students Months 1-9 Months 9-18 Months 19-24
Part-time MPhil students Months 1-12 Months 13-36 Months 37-48
Key Activities

Taking research training courses

Reviewing literature

Developing methodology

Designing the research

Applying for ethical approval

Preparing Review Board paper (PhD and MPhil only)

Conference attendance

Ongoing - develop research and transferable skills

Generating and analysing data

Continuing to review literature

Conference attendance

Ongoing - developing research and transferable skills

Completing data analysis

Writing thesis

Other dissemination (e.g. conference papers)

As a PhD/MPhil student in Nursing Studies you will also be able to attend a wide range of postgraduate seminar courses in the School of Health in Social Science and related disciplines within the University, including the Institute of Academic Development (IAD).