Nursing Studies

Contents and structure

Find out how your research will be structured.

The MSc by Research (Nursing) is a postgraduate degree designed to provide research training in Nursing.

As a student on this programme you will complete a number of research training courses and submit a dissertation on an approved topic. The programme consists of the following elements:

Content and structure
Course elements Credits SCQF level
Research Methods in Nursing and Health Care A 20 11
Research Methods in Nursing and Health Care B 20 11
Research Methods in Nursing and Healthcare: Work based/ related application 20 11
One further research methods course from the Graduate School in Social and Political Studies as agreed by the supervisors 20 11
One further optional course as agreed by the supervisor 20 11
Dissertation (progression to dissertation requires an average mark of at least 50 across the 100 credits of taught courses) 80 11


Successful completion of the MSc requires a dissertation, normally in the form of a report of research work, of 15,000 -18,000 words.

Throughout the year you will work with your supervisor in a programme of systematic review of the secondary literature in their proposed area of research and towards other elements of their dissertation.

The dissertation constitutes the main work in which you will demonstrate the extent to which you have achieved the crucial learning outcomes from the programme's research training courses.