Edinburgh Global Nursing Initiative

Our Collaboration and Partners

The Edinburgh Global Nursing Initiative is a collaboration between Nursing Studies and the Global Health Academy at the University of Edinburgh. Our work is rooted in partnerships with diverse communities and institutions around the world.

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Nursing Studies

Nursing Studies at the University has a strong history and legacy. We have been advancing excellence and innovation in nursing for over seven decades, with Nursing Studies remaining top ranked in the UK, with a growing academy of stellar alumni.

We are committed to continuing leadership and critical engagement in local and global nurse education, advancement of clinical practice, research and evidence informed influence on health policy. We are proud to build on this legacy through our work at the Edinburgh Global Nursing Initiative.

Global Health Academy

The Global Health Academy is an evidence led academic community committed to advance the University’s vision to deliver impact for society. We showcase, support and help enable global health research, learning and networks – advancing the University’s global ambitions and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Academy draws together resources within and beyond the University community to enable better and more equitable health for all. We offer creative spaces for ideas, connections, learning and research to advance global solutions across disciplines and sectors.

We are home to the Global Compassion Initiative that supports University-wide activity to catalyse, enable and embed the evidence and practice of compassion within the University and in our relationships locally and globally. 

Working in partnership

Challenges in global health can only be combatted by working in partnership with different communities, agencies and disciplines. By listening to different approaches, experience and expertise, we can develop shared understandings of problems and and together advance solutions.

Change-making work is collective work. 

The work of the Edinburgh Global Nursing Initiative is made possible through our links and partnerships with a wide range of organisations and groups working on global health challenges. 

We have strong and active links with universities and international bodies, as well as local health providers and ministries around the world. These include the World Health Organisation, Nursing Now, the International Council of Nurses (ICN), The Burdett Trust, the International Collaboration for Community Health Nursing Research (ICCHNR), the Palliative Care Association including the African Palliative Care Association, and the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH).

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